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Everyday, computer users face many threats when use their computers for surfing the web. One of the best ways to defend against all these threats is understand them and learn how to battle them.

Welcome to pcsecurity-info.com, a site that offers information regarding the primary issues and threats that faced by all computer and Internet users. This site also describes the symptoms, prevalence and affects of the most common computer security problems.

We also provide some basic solutions so that you and your family will have a safe and pleasant computing and online experience.

For those people want find more about free security software that offers some basic protection, yes, here we offers some information where to get them.

Practice safe computing

Before getting any further, pcsecurity-info has one advice, using third-party applications alone will not protect your computer, if computer users do not use simple common sense and practice safe computing.

With awareness, update information and little bit of common sense, computer users may better equip to keep their computers safe.

Below are some information regarding practices safe computing:

Safe computer tips

High-risk sources


Malware is the umbrella term for malicious software designed to harm your computer. Trojans, spyware, viruses and worms are all malware.

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